How long for tren to kick in

IN REGARDS TO KOH: if someone is doing 1000mg of test a week it would not matter what the individual eats to SEE and FEEL results. testosterone is a HORMONE not a herbal supplement WHICH would give anyone better results then the fake products your pushing on this site. my labs would only tell you what ive ALREADY informed you of. its interesting how much a supplier such as yourself invests so much time on these negative reviews which are the ONLY REAL reviews you have. im only wanting to inform others that: you buy ur reviews. you obviously make all ur money on one time customers who buy into these fake reviews of how "good" your fake gear is. its sad how your ROBBING people of their hard earned money just to profit yourself. ive read ur comments on all negative reviews u get and u seem to give the same speech over and over. IF YOU CANT HANDLE REAL PEOPLE GIVING REAL REVIEWS ON YOUR FAKE PRODUCTS THEN STOP SELLING FAKE GEAR. its called a REVIEW for a reason. a supplier would not invest this much time on negative reviews unless they had something to hide/ and or to cover up. ALL WHO READ THIS WILL FULLY GET A REAL GRASP ON UR PRODUCTS. and i hope will decide to look elsewhere so JUSTICE can be served for all those you've wronged. the end.

The Test E put my blood level at 900 ng/dL cruising at 150 mg/wk (multiplier 6).
The Test P gave me a blood level of >1900 ng/dL at 300 mg/wk when run alongside Tren, a similar response.
The Tren A gave an E2 reading (ECLIA, non-sensitive) of >600 pg/mL.
HCG had no observable effect on my testicular volume (atrophy was not noticeable anyway) nor ejaculation volume (which was diminished while on cycle). I did not test my sperm count.
I have not yet PCT'd using the Nolvadex and/or Clomid.
The Arimidex seemed effective to me, though less so than Aromasin I have used since (cannot compare to other sources' Arimidex). I kept my E2 at the high end of the reference range (40 pg/mL) by taking 1 mg/wk total (divided up, of course) while taking 300mg/wk Test P.

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How long for tren to kick in

how long for tren to kick in


how long for tren to kick inhow long for tren to kick inhow long for tren to kick inhow long for tren to kick inhow long for tren to kick in