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There was also a comic book series published by Star Comics , an imprint of Marvel Comics which produced comic books aimed at young children. Steve Ditko provided the art. [4] Issue #1 found Too-Much daydreaming in class about being as great a martial artist as Chuck Norris, even taking down the Super Ninja singlehandedly. Without warning, Too-Much's teacher calls on him to give his book report (which, being Too-Much, he hasn't even started) on James Clavell 's The Children's Story . Then Too-Much, his classmates, and their teacher taken hostage by the Klaw's ninjas...who demand the Super-cruiser in return for their release. The Super-cruiser, which looks like a U-Haul truck, is a new anti-terrorist weapon created by Norris for the government. Pepper drives the Super-cruiser to the school, where she and her trusty dog take on the ninjas...while Chuck himself barges into the classroom and knocks out more of the ninjas. One of the ninjas tries to shoot Norris, who stops the bullet with a copy of The Children's Story ; he then sells Too-Much a bill of goods about what a great book this is, while police haul the ninjas off to jail.

Test prop kickstart dosage

test prop kickstart dosage


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