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The Axiom is the joker in our pack. It is not a folding propeller, but it does have a revolutionary blade profile and section, if you will pardon the pun, and has never been tested on a yacht before, so we just had to put it into our trials to see how it compared. As the photograph shows, the blade profile is rectangular, while the blade section is almost S-shaped, and symmetrical in ahead and astern, with no twist. Its designers claim it gives greater thrust and stopping power, together with lower wash. So how did it stand up? Well the charts show the story, with its stopping time nearly a second better than any other model, and its side thrust again the lowest by far. However this was at the expense of lower top speed, which suggests some more tweaking is needed, but it is still one to watch.

"There was a lot of talk after the game, apparently, so Cheik felt it was the right thing to do to tell the players first before it came out in the press," Ledesma said. "I assumed I was doing it the next day, but it came as a surprise. It was the right thing to do and I'm kind of emotional, so there was a lot of tears and crying – yeah, pretty embarrassing – but at this point, I do it so often, I'm cool with it. There was a lot of emotion and real emotion. Again, not sadness, just emotion because of all the things we shared together." 

Looking at box stock props, the Trophy is a good but the Pro Max should offer better overall performance and durability. The 8″ jack plate might offer a little better performance when you marry with the right prop. I think the Pro Max, with its tremendous cup wrapped around the blade tips, will give you what you’re looking for with the set back. The Trophy is ″ in diameter. The Pro Max is ″. The props share the same hub size. The Pro Max doesn’t have vent holes nor does it need them. There’s enough exhaust venting over the small hub. The plastic blow out ring fitted over the front of the Trophy would hurt the Pro Max’s planing performance. I think the Pro Max would be a fun prop for your set up.

Test prop price

test prop price


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