Tren ace meditech

im runnning out of tren ace and decided that for my competition i dont want to be running any orals as my post morning sh1t weight is 112kg and im meant to be coming in at 105kg by start of october so i want to keep test low (300mg) and keep tren up for entire duration whilst cutting, if i throw an oral in im gona blow up and fail to make weight on the one hour weigh in

Can you switch from ace to enanthate by dropping ace on say the monday and picking up the enanthate same day (pay day will allow for a week or so carry over of ace to enanthate) 

Anyone used meditech (preferably their tren e) and are they g2g

bonus question: Anyone got any decent suggestions on how to make weight without sacrificing strength, ive got myself in what was a deficit with cardio and nutirtion but since i started the test and tren my weight seems to be staying the same as i believe im just recomping given i was losing a kilo a week prior to cycle on same kcals and cardio

Tren ace meditech

tren ace meditech


tren ace meditechtren ace meditech