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In a July post, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said he was “open to working with members of Congress and anyone else” to protect net neutrality. It’s possible that meaningful collaboration is happening behind the scenes—the committee spokesperson told Gizmodo that the companies invited by the committee are participating in backchannel discussions—but it’s annoying that the conversation isn’t happening in a public hearing next week, especially given the overwhelming public interest . Ultimately the result is less transparency for the millions of citizens who’ve followed the net neutrality debate, all because the committee only wanted to speak to CEOs, and the CEOs, perhaps fearing the outcome of a public grilling, refused suck it up and testify.

This is very cool, wonderful work. I covered my gutters with "waterproof" analog RGB last year at Christmas, I thought I'd get a year or two out of them. Unfortunately the rain and sun have done some pretty extensive damage to them, including several spots where the "waterproofing" failed and the strips melted parts of my gutters during rain. It seems now after less than a year that the Individual LED's are losing color as well, looking washed out. I even went over the strips with clear caulking to try and keep them sealed from the elements. Please keep us posted if you experience anything like this? Your setup looks amazing, I'm truly jealous!

Tren injection site pain

tren injection site pain


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