Tren steroid roid rage

I could have killed Max – the little blue dope – and I'm a CrossFitter! All he had to do was look at the size of my bicep and my legs to see that I don't lift much. Droopy wasn't happy, either. He injects only once a month! Jabba was going to pay us in sterons! But any boss worth working for pays the band and gives them a cycle on top of it! I was wrong to let Max run our business affairs. After this fiasco, I vowed to leave and take Droopy with me. If that fool Rebo wants to work for food, then he should have a solo career.

Agreed but at the same time newbie's must understand that playing with hormone levels can affect you mentally as well as physically. It comes with the territory. That's why you start a simple test cycle at a low to moderate dose to ensure you can handle the elevated levels and then add one compound to each cycle after just to play it safe. A guy just posted last week, first time on tren he literally was going out of his mind and a dog barked at him so he started barking back. It sounds funny but what 30 year old man does that. Like I said I do agree with you but give the newbies 100% of the facts so they can make the best decision possible. Does roid rage affect everybody? The answer is no. Is it possible that it can affect you? The answer is yes.

I feel the same way ,in three years bro I'm so mellow ,,more mellow since I started aas then ever in my life,,I had one sisuiation where someone stalking my wife ,was pounding at the door when I was at work ,well I was 5 min from hone and needless to say when I got home it wasn't pretty for him ,,but my actions would have been the same on or off and I'm sure any other bro probley do the same on or off ,, he was a threat to my wife's life so,. Its the person ,if your a angry and violent person it'll get worse I think ,,but if your demeanor is like mine ,hey I'm cool

Tren steroid roid rage

tren steroid roid rage


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