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Be careful – Rolls Royce paid millions of Dollars a year in secret corruption and slush funds to help sell their aero engines to airlines that will be “advised” (or forced!) by those receiving the secret slush funds.
Just one example is that Tommy Suharto (son of the ex-Indonesian president) was given about 20 million dollars and a new blue Rolls Royce car by Rolls Royce (before he was jailed for murder!) to force the Indonesian airline Garuda to take the R-R Trent 700 engine on the A330 aircraft they were buying. They got a really bad commercial deal and the follow-on warranty and support was probably the worst any operator had ever had. When Tommy was jailed, Rolls then paid his millionaire friend, Soetikno about 1 million dollars a year! This was supported by the Rolls exec in Indonesia (Dr Mike Gray) because Mike was given “personal benefit” by Soetikno to keep the contract going. Mike even used RR staff to support the bar girl he was “knocking off” when his wife was away.

My Mum & Dad moved into Park Hall care home in February 2014. In that time although their health has deteriorated I have confidence in the care they are receiving. I would have no hesitation in recommending the home to anyone looking for somewhere for relatives. Despite the different different levels of dementia, all residents are treated with respect. I think the layout is 2nd to non & the staff are wonderful. Review relates to April 2015. How likely would you be to recommend Park Hall? Extremely Likely

Trent 1000 ten

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