What is stanazol

Jixueteng Yijing Tang Ligustrum 100 Eclipta 100 Rehmannia 90 Millettia 30 Ho-shou-wu 30 Astragalus 30 Salvia 24 Cuscuta 12 Gelatin 9 Lycium 9 Psoralea 6 Tang-kuei 6 The formulas were administered according to the primary diagnosis of either dominant yang deficiency or dominant yin deficiency. In certain circumstances, additional herbs and/or hormone therapy would be used as deemed necessary. Red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets all increased significantly after patients received the herb treatment for several months (up to 2 years for this study). Bone marrow biopsies were used to evaluate the condition of the bone marrow before treatment (in 106 patients) and then after treatment in 45 patients who had good results based on their blood picture. According to the authors:

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What is stanazol

what is stanazol


what is stanazolwhat is stanazolwhat is stanazolwhat is stanazolwhat is stanazol