What is trench coat

I bought a trench coat recently purely on the back of the general review of Trenchcoats that were done here recently by Sven. The article was just superb as it identified all the appropriate makes and ranges. I opted for a Navy Aquascutum in a single breast. It is perfectly light yet warm and fits snugly over a suit and is absolutely waterproof. It cost me €400 and was worth every single cent. I think it was a no nonsense back-to-basic classic alternative to the newer Trench coats on offer from Burberry. I already know from the quality of the material that this is a coat that I will have for many years.

While they adhere to the same structure as male trench coats, these pieces for women have a decidedly feminine touch. The lapel may be less rigid, shaped in a soft ruffle rather than a structured look. While many trench coats for women do include the classic belt, others do not. Some may hit at the hips, while others might be longer and fall at the knees. Because women's trench coats are so varied and, as a result, more casual, this type of overcoat looks as good with a pair of denim skinny jeans and ballet flats as it does with wide-leg trousers and heels.

What is trench coat

what is trench coat


what is trench coatwhat is trench coatwhat is trench coatwhat is trench coatwhat is trench coat